Campy camp posters: A Prisoner106 project

I never went to summer camp.  I didn’t have friends that went to summer camp.  For a while I thought summer camp was just something that existed in tween/YA books to move the plot along.  Parents were out of the picture.  Kids were left to sort out their own problems and/or engage in hijinx and adventure.  Camp was a macguffin of sorts.

Look at ALL the summer camp posters!

Look at ALL the summer camp posters!

Enter the best summer camp of all:  Camp Magic MacGuffin.

Camp Magic MacGuffin closed with the the end of summer 2012.  The facilities have seen better days.

But a tribute poster was still in order.

Camp Magic Macguffin poster

Camp Magic MacGuffin poster

I borrowed a couple of images from the Camp Magic MacGuffin site including the header and the “visit the camp store” logo.  I just erased “store” so that it says “Visit the camp.”

Visit the camp store I used GIMP for this poster.  The Magic MacGuffin header is a layer.  I merged the cabin with the “Visit the camp” text so the two were easier to reposition.

Camp poster in progress

Camp poster in progress

I also found some campy and hippie fonts to use.

And just for fun:  some Magic MacGuffin counselors meet The Prisoner:

Magic MacGuffin meets the Prisoner

Magic MacGuffin meets the Prisoner

Magic MacGuffin meets The Prisoner

Magic MacGuffin meets The Prisoner

Camp Poster assignment – 3 stars




Making light of addictive personalities

I’m a real jerk for poking fun of alcoholism.  But here it is all the same.

Troll quote assignment

Troll quote assignment

The woman:  Lindsay Lohan.  The quote: lyrics from “Plastic Jesus,” an American folk song by (according to Wikipedia) Ed Rush and George Cromarty.  The attribution: Reese Witherspoon*.  The common thread: alcohol abuse.

“Plastic Jesus” is about one of those dashboard figurines.  There are many versus and many versions of this song.  It’s especially irreverent, much like this troll quote assignment.

Dashboard Jesus, a cc licensed Flickr photo by Christy Frink

cc licensed Flickr photo by Christy Frink

I didn’t take the hard road when creating this assignment.  I found an image of Lindsay Lohan in her heyday.  It also happened to have lots of white space for text.  I opened the image as a layer in GIMP and then created a text layer.  I added in the lyrics, played around with font and size, and there we go.

I’m using this–and probably other similar assignments–as a way to stretch my legs.  Kind of like a Daily Create, I guess.

I was thinking about using lyrics from Lydia Loveless’ “Jesus Was a Wino,” but this worked out ok in the end.

* This is a change.  I originally attributed the quote to Betty Ford, but that didn’t seem to fit well for one reason or another.  Lindsay Lohan and Reese Witherspoon are in more similar leagues.


From naval gazing to action (or cranking out some mediocre visual assignments)

The weekend was spent in Roanoke, Virginia, where I presented a program on 3D printing at the public library.

flyer for 3D printing workshop

3D printing workshop featuring ME

I like Roanoke.  It reminds me of Charlottesville, but without all of the pretentiousness.  It’s got good food, good drinks, lovely people, and occasionally banjo-playing buskers will set up on the streets.

My mother-in-law was good enough to watch Jobot over the weekend so that Will and I could kick around town without having to worry about nap schedules.  We caught up with old friends, spent some time in the public library, and had some good beers from the Parkway Brewery.

Parkway brewing beers

Beers from Parkway — this is from the Facebook page. I didn’t take the photo.

There wasn’t a lot of time for DS106, which I regret.  There’s always next week.

I did do a handful of daily creates:

Introduction to the class

Introduction to the class


inside the Makerbot

500 daily creates

500 daily creates


Nothing says good times like cake.

old and Matchbox cars

something old and something new

So here’s what I’ve learned about myself over the past year:  I am less apt to do and more likely to read/watch/navel gaze.  In other words, I spend more time reading blogs about DS106 and watching videos about DS106 and less time actually doing DS106.  Why?  Doing is hard.  Doing is frustrating.  And doing is usually time consuming.  I’m likely to spend more time naval gazing and thinking over the philosophies of DS106 and maker education, and less time practicing and polishing my skills.  I’ve got a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino kit.  Have I opened them yet?  Nope.  It’s easier to read what other folks are doing with it all.

This is dumb.

Recognizing that action is not my strength–that I’m more of an ideas person–I started in on some visual assignments last night.  Actually, just one visual assignment.

I worked on the “My Favorite Lyric”  visual assignment.  The decided to work with the song, “Tallulah” by Allo Darlin’.

I probably heard it for the first time about a year ago.  There are two lines in the song that I find especially interesting.  I focused on the first of the two:

I’m wondering if I’ve already heard all the songs that’ll mean something
And I’m wondering if I’ve already met all the people that’ll mean something

I don’t feel the same way about music that I did when I was 16 or even 30.  I’m not moved by much.  Maybe it’s because everything sucks.  Most likely it’s because it’s too hard to ferret out the really good stuff.

Allo Darlin' lyrics

Allo Darlin’ lyrics

It’s not especially interesting, nor was it especially hard to do.  But it was practice, and it is a way for me to bookmark this particular song in some physical way.

The photo, by the way, is a cc licensed Flickr image by Bernard Benke.