Campy camp posters: A Prisoner106 project

I never went to summer camp.  I didn’t have friends that went to summer camp.  For a while I thought summer camp was just something that existed in tween/YA books to move the plot along.  Parents were out of the picture.  Kids were left to sort out their own problems and/or engage in hijinx and adventure.  Camp was a macguffin of sorts.

Look at ALL the summer camp posters!

Look at ALL the summer camp posters!

Enter the best summer camp of all:  Camp Magic MacGuffin.

Camp Magic MacGuffin closed with the the end of summer 2012.  The facilities have seen better days.

But a tribute poster was still in order.

Camp Magic Macguffin poster

Camp Magic MacGuffin poster

I borrowed a couple of images from the Camp Magic MacGuffin site including the header and the “visit the camp store” logo.  I just erased “store” so that it says “Visit the camp.”

Visit the camp store I used GIMP for this poster.  The Magic MacGuffin header is a layer.  I merged the cabin with the “Visit the camp” text so the two were easier to reposition.

Camp poster in progress

Camp poster in progress

I also found some campy and hippie fonts to use.

And just for fun:  some Magic MacGuffin counselors meet The Prisoner:

Magic MacGuffin meets the Prisoner

Magic MacGuffin meets the Prisoner

Magic MacGuffin meets The Prisoner

Magic MacGuffin meets The Prisoner

Camp Poster assignment – 3 stars




4 thoughts on “Campy camp posters: A Prisoner106 project

  1. What a great way to bring back and update past content.
    Nice to see and hear merging layers for ease of positioning is done by others too. I use it often and sometimes think maybe it is not the best way or adds more work – definitely helps if I think far enough ahead.

  2. Happy memories of Camp Magic MacGuffin, sad to see the huts looking so run down. I like the way that bringing in the prisoner changes the temperature to a bit creepy.

  3. Well, I like to see the pictures of my Still True Friend @cogdog on the Camp poster. Plus, why doesn’t that Martha get her act in gear apply to be a True Friend of me already?. Well, it’s her loss.

    It is nice that you made three different kinds of ones for this. It is good that it tells you about all the activities that campers can do at the camp.

    But anyway, just one thing for John. DYTMW. TDLTMW.

  4. I have often been sad that I missed that camp; I didn’t find out about ds106 until Spring 2013. But I love how you’ve brought it back and connected it with the current summer version. Six weeks for a whole semester? It CAN be done. We’re doing it!

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