Adventures in Audio: Prisoner106 weekly summary (week 2)

Geoff recently observed that The Prisoner would’ve been an excellent radio drama.  I read his post after I watched (or listened) to a few episodes while doing inventory in the library.  One would, of course, miss the bold, visual aesthetics of the show: the horizontal stripes, the popping colors, the capes and umbrellas, the arches, the bubbles, the theme park-esque Village signage.  1967 was a beautiful time to be alive apparently.

Check mate

The audio is just as compelling.  What I notice most is the creation of tension through music and different effects.

Here are a few of my favorite sonic moments in The Prisoner:

“Pop! Goes the Weasel” is usually a cheerful tune, but in episode one (“The Arrival”), it’s used after No. 6 has a good freak out about his new surroundings and just as he meets No. 2 for the first time.  There’s an interesting dichotomy between the nursery rhyme/popular 1850s dance song and something-is-not-right nature of The Village.

“For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” is used in a similar way.  Typically the tune is a jovial ditty, but in The Prisoner, the song is used as a soundtrack to No. 6’s election win.  The jazzy song takes a creepy turn as No. 6 (the new No. 2?) settles into the green-domed building on top of the hill.

I also found the scene below (from “Free for All”) to be powerful.  From the chaos of the boat chase to the beeping light fixture, a suspenseful scene is set with music, sound effects, and disorienting dialogue.


Things I did last week:

I did a lousy job of tracking points and completing all of the required assignments, and I’m ok with that.

I told a very short story with sound effects from FreeSound.

Reading this audio assignment and this audio assignment inspired me to do this audio project (also short).

I also FINALLY did my Village message.

Better late than never, I say!








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