GIFable moments from The Prisoner

It’s way past curfew and for some reason the sleepy time music isn’t playing in my bungalow.  The lights are a little dim too.  Perhaps this is a consequence for not earning all of my work credits last week.

Might as well make some GIFs.

Machine Readable - from "The General" (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Machine Readable – from “The General” (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Peek-a-book -- from "The General" (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Peek-a-book — from “The General” (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Personal Milk Pourer -- from "The General" (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Personal Milk Pourer — from “The General” (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Creepy Professor  -- from "The General" (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Creepy Professor — from “The General” (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Seesaw -- from "The General" (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

Seesaw — from “The General” (episode 6 of The Prisoner)

And one more:

From "The General", epsiode 6 of The Prisoner

From “The General”, epsiode 6 of The Prisoner

Summer of doing and making

Tell-tale signs that the school year is coming to a close are everywhere.  Seniors are gone, AP exams are in progress, invitations for retirement receptions and faculty/staff appreciation lunches are out.  Kids are punchy.  So are the adults.

Summer is just around the corner, though, and it’s going to be awesome.  There’s lots of making and doing on the agenda.  There’s the Constructing Modern Knowledge conference in July.  I’m going to revisit MIT’s Learning Creative Learning MOOC.  There’s possibly a new roof in my future.  Some fascia, flashing, and gutters need reworking too.  But most importantly, there’s DS106.

from the Twlight Zone "The Midnight Sun"

Beat the heat in the DS106 Zone

I found a short clip from The Midnight Sun” on Netflix.  I downloaded the video with Clip Converter and then used MPEG Streamclip to extract the .png files.  I’ve used Gimp in the past, and I feel somewhat comfortable with that for animated GIFs.  I was getting ready to build my animated GIF in Gimp when I had the idea to change the 110 degrees to 106. I wasn’t quite sure how to do that, so I ended up recruiting one of the art teachers at school for guidance.  I switched over to PhotoShop knowing that he was a master of that software.  There was a lot of fumbling and trial and error on my part, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

So folks…. these unseasonably cool temperatures aren’t going to last for long.  When the heat and humidity is too much to bear, it’s time to find a cool, dark space, and make art, dammit!

image by Alan Levine

image by Alan Levine —

This conversation is being tape recorded

By the time Friday evening rolls around, I’m pretty useless.  Friday nights are good for a movie.  Friday nights are also good for DS106.

I’ve spent the work week cataloging a slew of new books.  It’s boring, soul-killing work.  I did reward myself with some Makerbot time today though.  I printed a companion cube (today’s Makerbot daily print).

Daily print for 9/7/12

As it was printing, a group of upper school kids came in and checked out the Replicator as it was printing.

Kid A:  “What are you making?”

Me:  “A companion cube.”

Kid A:  “OH MY GOD!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  I’VE GOT TO MAKE ME A COMPANION CUBE!  Hey, she’s making a companion cube!”

Or at least it went something like that anyway.  Unbridled enthusiasm–that’s what it was, and it’s what was needed at the end of a tedious week.

I also rewarded myself with some DS106 tonight.  I caught up on videos, thought about movie scenes that I could use for GIFing, popped in Clue, and settled in to read some DS106 blogs while keeping one eye on the screen.  I stumbled across a blog post by Kelsey Matthews.  She also GIFed a scene from Clue.  Talk about your plate of shrimp.

I decided to use the cut-away to Yvette in the billiard room with the tape recorder.  She’s recording Tim Curry’s explanation as to why the guests (Col. Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. Scarlett, etc. etc.) are being blackmailed by the party host.

In the billiard room with the tape recorder

It’s not as cool as I was thinking it would be, but that’s ok.  One day.  One day I’ll have something just as awesome and artful as this.