‘Exhibition’ is a hard word to say: a Village message (a Prisoner activity)

In preparation for the upcoming Arts & Crafts Exhibition, I headed over to Communications to make the morning Village announcement. Finally. I thought Council would never consent to another Arts & Crafts Exhibition after the great unpleasantness (thanks for nothing, No. 6).

You can listen to my message here if you want:

I managed to find some catchy chimes that really get one’s attention.

It’s been a while since I practiced my needlepoint, so I’m especially excited about the new Arts & Crafts Exhibition.  In my eagerness to get started, I whipped up this warm sampler for my bungalow.

Be Seeing You Cross Stitch

Be Seeing You Cross Stitch (digital, not physical)

My tools and supplies are out, and I’m ready to make more.

Cross stitch ideas

Cross stitch ideas