Adventures in Audio: Prisoner106 weekly summary (week 2)

Geoff recently observed that The Prisoner would’ve been an excellent radio drama.  I read his post after I watched (or listened) to a few episodes while doing inventory in the library.  One would, of course, miss the bold, visual aesthetics of the show: the horizontal stripes, the popping colors, the capes and umbrellas, the arches, the bubbles, the theme park-esque Village signage.  1967 was a beautiful time to be alive apparently.

Check mate

The audio is just as compelling.  What I notice most is the creation of tension through music and different effects.

Here are a few of my favorite sonic moments in The Prisoner:

“Pop! Goes the Weasel” is usually a cheerful tune, but in episode one (“The Arrival”), it’s used after No. 6 has a good freak out about his new surroundings and just as he meets No. 2 for the first time.  There’s an interesting dichotomy between the nursery rhyme/popular 1850s dance song and something-is-not-right nature of The Village.

“For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” is used in a similar way.  Typically the tune is a jovial ditty, but in The Prisoner, the song is used as a soundtrack to No. 6’s election win.  The jazzy song takes a creepy turn as No. 6 (the new No. 2?) settles into the green-domed building on top of the hill.

I also found the scene below (from “Free for All”) to be powerful.  From the chaos of the boat chase to the beeping light fixture, a suspenseful scene is set with music, sound effects, and disorienting dialogue.


Things I did last week:

I did a lousy job of tracking points and completing all of the required assignments, and I’m ok with that.

I told a very short story with sound effects from FreeSound.

Reading this audio assignment and this audio assignment inspired me to do this audio project (also short).

I also FINALLY did my Village message.

Better late than never, I say!








‘Exhibition’ is a hard word to say: a Village message (a Prisoner activity)

In preparation for the upcoming Arts & Crafts Exhibition, I headed over to Communications to make the morning Village announcement. Finally. I thought Council would never consent to another Arts & Crafts Exhibition after the great unpleasantness (thanks for nothing, No. 6).

You can listen to my message here if you want:

I managed to find some catchy chimes that really get one’s attention.

It’s been a while since I practiced my needlepoint, so I’m especially excited about the new Arts & Crafts Exhibition.  In my eagerness to get started, I whipped up this warm sampler for my bungalow.

Be Seeing You Cross Stitch

Be Seeing You Cross Stitch (digital, not physical)

My tools and supplies are out, and I’m ready to make more.

Cross stitch ideas

Cross stitch ideas

Changing the story (a Prisoner106 activity)

I confess that I haven’t done my Village morning announcement yet.  How does it start?  What do I say?  Can I fake a British accent?  The answer to the last question is no.  I’ve really been overthinking the assignment.  But while overthinking, I did find the Voice Changer app, which may have potential.

While reading through some of the audio assignments, I was inspired by the Line Remix (audioassignment1539) and a recent trip to Cookout in Farmville to change up The Prisoner story.  Rather than being a former spy trapped in a village of mystery, No. 6 is just an irate fast food customer.

That guy is so touchy.

I recorded my voice with the Voice Changer app and added the bullhorn effect.  I emailed the recording to myself, downloaded the MP3 from my email, and then imported it into Audacity.

I then imported the “I am not a number” track.  My voice track was much louder, so I used the envelope tool to make it a little less booming.

Finally, I found audio from a fast food restaurant at FreeSound and added that in because authenticity.