‘Exhibition’ is a hard word to say: a Village message (a Prisoner activity)

In preparation for the upcoming Arts & Crafts Exhibition, I headed over to Communications to make the morning Village announcement. Finally. I thought Council would never consent to another Arts & Crafts Exhibition after the great unpleasantness (thanks for nothing, No. 6).

You can listen to my message here if you want:

I managed to find some catchy chimes that really get one’s attention.

It’s been a while since I practiced my needlepoint, so I’m especially excited about the new Arts & Crafts Exhibition.  In my eagerness to get started, I whipped up this warm sampler for my bungalow.

Be Seeing You Cross Stitch

Be Seeing You Cross Stitch (digital, not physical)

My tools and supplies are out, and I’m ready to make more.

Cross stitch ideas

Cross stitch ideas

6 thoughts on “‘Exhibition’ is a hard word to say: a Village message (a Prisoner activity)

  1. Well, it is a good thing that you are Making Art. Plus, when you made the announcement about it.

    I think it would be a fun one if you didn’t do a regular face on your needlepoint one, but for you to do a Jim Groom face with glasses and a beard, and with long hippy hair. But the one on your plan just looks like a silhouette one.

    Anyway, I will be seeing you when you make it and put a picture of it on your website.

  2. Oh, I love the subversive cross stitch book! I often have a surly side, and have never yet found the patterns to match!

    Nice chimes for the announcement; I like how they bookend it. And it does sound like you’re over a loudspeaker or in a large room or something! I had a hard time with a word too; suddenly “determine” became impossible to say when I did mine. Weird.

    • I once had a friend who, for the longest time, could not say ‘lozenge.’ She eventually overcame that. I was surprised that The Village library had a book with ‘subversive’ in the title. Maybe this one slipped through

  3. Well, one time I was surprised when my grandmother said, “I can’t say ‘meatloaf,'” as if she didn’t realize that in order to say that sentence she had to say ‘meatloaf.’ It was weird.

  4. Nice echo on the voice at the start. I guess if a Jim Groom face is too board to cross stitch you could perhaps gif the digital stitching like some needlepoint teletype?

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