The Mosquitoes (a Prisoner106 activity)

Richmond has seen a lot of rain and everything is green and overgrown in my yard.  The mosquitoes are out, and appropriately serve as the subject of this sound effects story.

“The Mosquito Gets His” (with audio from FreeSound*).

FreeSound is a wonderful site, and there I was able to choose from many, many recordings of mosquitoes.  The one I selected was actually of a mosquito and fly trapped in a window.  I imported the track into Audacity, edited out the fly bits, and shortened the clip.

I then went hunting for sounds of a crowd.  Ideally the sounds of people at a picnic, but the noise of people at a theme park entrance worked well too.  Finally, I hunted down the sound of a short, confident slap.

The “layering sound in Audacity” tutorial told me everything I needed to know to adjust the volume of each track, move tracks around so that they don’t all play at once, etc.  It’s been a while since I used Audacity; the tutorial was extremely helpful as a refresher.

* You can find the sound tracks here: mosquito effects, crowd noise, final slap



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