Changing the story (a Prisoner106 activity)

I confess that I haven’t done my Village morning announcement yet.  How does it start?  What do I say?  Can I fake a British accent?  The answer to the last question is no.  I’ve really been overthinking the assignment.  But while overthinking, I did find the Voice Changer app, which may have potential.

While reading through some of the audio assignments, I was inspired by the Line Remix (audioassignment1539) and a recent trip to Cookout in Farmville to change up The Prisoner story.  Rather than being a former spy trapped in a village of mystery, No. 6 is just an irate fast food customer.

That guy is so touchy.

I recorded my voice with the Voice Changer app and added the bullhorn effect.  I emailed the recording to myself, downloaded the MP3 from my email, and then imported it into Audacity.

I then imported the “I am not a number” track.  My voice track was much louder, so I used the envelope tool to make it a little less booming.

Finally, I found audio from a fast food restaurant at FreeSound and added that in because authenticity.




4 thoughts on “Changing the story (a Prisoner106 activity)

  1. I love this. I used to work with programmers and QA folks who always had “The Prisoner” very close to the surface. They were sometimes known for periodic outbursts like this. I think it also hints to the Villageness of the fast food world.

  2. This was a funny one that you made. Because of the way it goes, the person is not expecting to hear Number Six’ voice and then suddenly he is just going crazy all over them and I wouldn’t be giving him any free refills if he spilled it.

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