I started another MOOC…

… and I’m going to finish it by god!

I signed up for the Think. Create. Code. MOOC.  I felt like it was a good entry point into coding/programming since it seemed centered around the making of images and animations with ProcessingJS rather than starting out with print (“hello world”).  In other words, the payoff is faster.  The gratification is instant.  Those things are important.

Once the semester is truly over, my goal is to move into Python (again).

The “Think. Create. Code.” community is large and impersonal (or so it seems), but I managed to find people locally.  I created a coding Meetup through the Women of HackRVA and folks joined up.  We’re using Basecamp for asynchronous conversations, the posting of resources, etc. and trying to get together once a week for encouragement and troubleshooting.

My initial thoughts on ProcessingJS is “Why would you do this rather than using PhotoShop?”  It takes a long time to create primitive shapes with lines of code.  I answered my own question when a member of the group mentioned this octopus created by a MOOC mate.  One day I’ll have my own octopus, but in the meantime I have these:

Pine needles in winter  Shades of greyTriangles pt. 1Triangles (pt. 2)I’m looking forward to getting into the more advanced, interactive work just like I look forward one day (soon) getting as far as chapters 12-15 in Python for Informatics.  Right now ProcessingJS has a deeper hook.

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