What’s going on!

We’ve been back in school a week following spring break.  It’s been a busy week.  No easing in.  It’s hit-the-ground-running all the time in schools.  A colleague said over the salad bar Friday, “I feel like I get buried deeper and deeper under work instead of catching up.”  That’s about right.

So here’s what’s happening in senior seminar in pictures!

Sure.  It may look like these guys are just sitting around and hanging out, but I’ve heard actual tracks made in the recording studio (or what is now called the “Beats Lab”).



This paper circuit is a prototype and will eventually exist on canvas.



A Rube Goldberg machine.  Originally the parts were modeled in Tinkercad with plans to 3D print them.  Then the printer broke as it is wont to do.  The students continued with Lego and other found parts.  This Rube Goldberg machine incorporates LittleBits.





Learning about Scratch



Soldering.  Many students have become skilled in the art of soldering. soldering_school


Makings things with Scratch and Wedos.



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