I’ve been away from #DS106 too long

An explanation for the following will come.

Maybe even tomorrow.

But right now, this is what I have in response to Talky Tina’s demands.  It’s a half-assed animated GIF.

Groom GIF

Groom GIF

The strobe effect IS NOT INTENTIONAL.  I’ve managed to forget how to make a GIF.  Actually, I know how to do a GIF, I’ve forgotten how to add other images to a GIF.

That’s something to look into tomorrow.  Right now my husband is patiently waiting for us to watch a movie together as it’s date night and all.

Talky Tina, I hope this will do for now.  Goal for the week:  brush up on GIMP/PhotoShop and GIF like a boss.

The film is Red River in case you were wondering.


3 thoughts on “I’ve been away from #DS106 too long

  1. Well, hello True Friend Melanie!

    It is a nice thing that you did to help get UNCLE @jimgroom out! He was having fun, and it was a nice visit, but the ice WAS melting!

    You got a @jimgroom Animated GIF Hostage Event “Accepted GIF” badge that you can download and place proudly on your site! Plus, you get to spend the next week playing with GIMP to re-master your GIF skills!

    Thank you for your interest and participation in the @jimgroom Animated GIF Hostage Event (March 2015) inaugural session. Please keep your GIF skills sharp and watch for our next @jimgroom Hostage event!

    Well, bye!

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