A thousand beautiful things or all the possibilities

I could crumble into a ball and cry at least a hundred times a day because of life’s unrelenting unfairness, inequalities, and general asshattery.

But then there are so many small, beautiful things that lift the heart and inspire and change one from the inside out.

1. A chance meeting with friends and a visit from existential pug

Existential Pug

Existential Pug

2. Getting to know one’s sewing machine

slippered foot from a sewing machine manual

Getting to know the sewing machine. Are bedroom slippers required footwear?

3. What happens when you leave Legos out in a public place

lego tower

When opportunity knocks

4. Playing cards and getting to know new people

Cards with friends

Cards with friends

5. Solving problems with the help of internet forums


Power tools at sun rise. Does a Dremel count as a power tool? Rotary tools at sun rise.

6. Working together

Sign explaining Enabling the Future

The Enabling the Future project

7.  Watching kids lead

Taking measurements

Taking measurements to model and print a 3D prosthetic arm

8. The friendly faces of power tools

The drill press

Hello, friend

9.  1,000 possibilities

Screws and stuff

Screws and stuff

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