Show me your browser history, and I’ll show you mine.

I am thoroughly enjoying looking at the browser history of other people.

That makes for a great movie title.  Other People’s Browser History.

As I look at the screenshots, I sing in my headspace Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.”*  This sharing of browser histories is an intimate act.  We’re just getting to know each other.

Perhaps sharing one’s browser history should be required on a second date.  Maybe even the first date.  The browser history is the new book shelf.  You judge people by what’s on their book shelf, right?

Here’s a screenshot of my browser history:

Screenshot of my browser history

Screenshot of my browser history


Fascinating, no?  My Firefox preferences include erasing the browser history every time Firefox closes.

At the end of every day, I typically have a good 7-8 tabs open as reminders to go back to the sites to read, explore, etc.  Rarely do I ever find the opportunity to go back to anything.  I half appreciate the reminder that is an open tab.  I’m half crushed by the pressure of having to keep up with the flow of information that comes through Twitter, news channels, Boing Boing, Brain Pickings, etc.

Most of the time the crushing force of too many orphaned tabs won out.  I declared tab bankruptcy at the end of many days, and just close them all out.  However, for a while I was taking screenshots of said tabs before abandoning them.

I look back on those screenshots several months later, and they provide some interesting insight into what I was interested and focused on at the time.

orphaned tabs

orphaned tabs — don’t judge the 795 “unread” emails.

More orphaned tabs


And more orphaned tabs.  I guess it's really all the same stuff.

And more orphaned tabs. I guess it’s really all the same stuff.

Screenshots of open tabs is almost as revealing as keeping a daily journal.  I may have to go back to capturing those internet moments.


* I don’t really sing “Somebody’s Watching Me” in my head.  That would be kind of weird.


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