DS106: it just makes sense

DS106 makes sense.  Running with bulls does not.  But running with bulls is exactly what’s going to be happening near Richmond August 24th.  Fools.

DS106 makes sense.  Bull running does not.

DS106 makes sense. Bull running does not.

I found some archival footage from the bull runs in Pamplona, Spain at Archive.org.  I downloaded that clip and then went to Photoshop, where I went to file >> import >> video frames to layers.  I then selected the file I wanted to import (I changed the file extension to .mov per Alan’s suggestion here).  The video is a few minutes long, and I only needed a couple of seconds so I checked the “selected range only” option and selected the couple of seconds that I needed.

Screen Shot  I grabbed the DS106 logo from ds106.us and made that a layer.  I made it the head layer and then made it visible on all 39 layers that made up the animated GIF.

Photoshop screen shot

Photoshop screen shot

Next, I created two layers of text: one for the “It just makes sense” and another for “Headless #DS106 . August 26, 2013.”  Initially I had both text boxes at the bottom of the image like this:

But when I went to preview the GIF, “It just makes sense” moved to the top of the frame and nestled itself under DS106.  I have no idea why.

Photoshop screen shot

Photoshop screen shot

I liked it like that, so I left it.

I made the text layers visible in all 39 layers that made up the animated GIF.

But here’s another Photoshop conundrum: If you look at the two pictures above, you’ll notice that layer 38 has the “It just makes sense” snug under “DS106.”  However, layer 39 had the “It just makes sense” text at the bottom of the image like I had originally planned.  I’m not sure why the positioning of “It just makes sense” text changed in 38 layers, but not layer 39.  If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  I had to manually move the “It just makes sense” text box in layer 39 so that it matched the other 38 layers.

There we go.  I’m ready for the next challenge.





2 thoughts on “DS106: it just makes sense

  1. Hello True Friend MelClaw Melanie! (I still like that claw picture you made and in your badge)

    First, I think that you made a great point about bulls and ds106. One of them makes sense (the ds106 one) but the other does not (the bull one). Especially for the people who are running. Although I guess it is better to be running than just standing there getting bored (or gored). But anyway, it is a good poster for people to make a good choice to run with ds106 and not with bulls.

    But then, I know what you mean when one layer is just there in the right spot all the time but then it moves to where you don’t want it for like one frame or something. That is always an awkward bother, especially when it happens to me. Before I say more, but second, let me say that your explaining of how you made this and photoshop layers is very helpful to people to understand how Photoshop works when you make a GIF. So that was good for you to explain it so well. So now that I said that you did a good job explaining that it will make more sense what I say.

    So for more on that, when you go from ONE frame to ANOTHER frame in Photoshop, each layer can have a different position relative to where it was in another frame. And if you move the layer when you are looking at one frame (and when you have that layer clicked on so it is highlighted in the layers place), it will move for that frame but not for all the other frames. But if you move the layer when it is clicked on and highlighted while you are looking at it on the FIRST frame, it will move it for ALL of the frames. Plus, if you select a bunch of frames (using either SHIFT-click for a whole bunch of frames in a row, or COMMAND-click (on a Mac) or CTRL-click (on a PC) and then move a thing on a layer, it will do it for all of those frames you selected. Or if you TURN A LAYER OFF for a bunch of frames it will work. And if you make a NEW layer, it will be on ALL of the frames and you can turn it off for ALL of the frames if you turn it off on the very FIRST frame and then just turn it on for the frames that you want. It took me a long time to understand how frames and layers are different in Photoshop and how to play with them to get what you want. I think the one big thing that makes it easier for me in Photoshop is that it has Frames in the Timeline palette, whereas I cannot find that anywhere in The Gimp and so I think you have to make all of your different frames using lots and lots of different layers which is a lot harder more work and you can’t just go backwards to get a little piece that you want if you merged it already.

    I hope that is all clear. I tried to write it as clearly as possible while maintaining my voice, for effect.

    Well, bye!

  2. Plus, I think there is a frame where the text in your poster is turned off, because it has a blink in it. If you click on the frames starting with the first one and look at what you see for that frame (and look for the eyeballs beside the different layers in the layers palette) you will see where the texts are clicked off — they will disappear and have no eyeballs — and you can get them to come back by turning their eyeballs on.

    Another trick that I taught myself when I learned it is that if you have a mess-up and you want to fix a text for ALL of the frames at one time (because all those times I spent moving EACH text on EACH layer, going forward and backwards for each one and using the arrow key on EACH layer until they ALL lined up was a lot of work) is to just copy the text that you want to fix back to stay in one spot to your clipboard (use the A tool to select the text with all of its properties inside the ant box) and then go to the very first frame and make a new text and place it in the right place where you want it and you will see ALL THE FRAMES flash to remind you that it just made the change for ALL OF THE FRAMES. Then it will be the same for all of them. Until you go and change it for some of them if you want. But if you make a change on the first frame, it changes it for all of the frames, too. Even when you don’t want it to.

    Well, bye!

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