Watch out for that horse, Jim: GIF challenge #2

How on EARTH did I miss the #DS106 GIF challenge in preparation for headless DS106, which begins August 26th?  I blame my absence from Twitter.  But August is only 3 days in, so it’s easy to join the challenge without feeling overwhelmed.

I’m guessing Talky Tina is responsible for the GIF challenges.  Challenge #2: “Dancing Jim All Over the World” can be found here.  Go ahead.  Click the link.  I’ll wait….

…. It’s funny how Talky Tina and Alan Levine both really like to throw out challenges.  Alan just issued a Daily Create challenge back in July.  So odd…

I was just thinking today how I missed DS106 and how I haven’t blogged lately or made anything lately.  And my thinking about thinking about WordPress rabbit holes isn’t something I want to unpack right now.  The GIF challenge really couldn’t have come at a better time.

Here’s my submission for challenge #2:

Dancin' Jim & the Headless Horseman

Dancin’ Jim & the Headless Horseman

Boy oh boy do I love the Disney version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

I’m pretty sure we watched it every Halloween in elementary school, so there’s lots of youthful nostalgia attached.

I did another Dancin’ Jim assignment back in the spring.  Despite that, I couldn’t remember the steps I took to build the Bava in the Boardroom project, so I spent a lot of time trying to find tutorials that made sense to me.  Bits and pieces of this 12-minute Youtube tutorial was helpful.

I was going to attempt to insert the dancing Jim into a short clip from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, so I downloaded the last several seconds of this Youtube video using Clip Converter:

In the end I opted to use a still from the clip I downloaded.  I opened that still in Photoshop and then opened the dancing Jim GIF.

Photoshop screen shot

Photoshop screen shot

I duplicated the still nine times since there are nine frames in the Jim GIF.

Photoshop screen shot

Photoshop screen shot

I then duplicated a Jim layer for each layer of the headless horseman.  I made sure layers corresponded (layer one of Jim was visible in layer one of the horseman.  Layer two of Jim was visible in layer two of the horseman.  You get the idea).

Photoshop screen shot

Photoshop screen shot

I previewed the GIF, noticed that Jim was dancing way too fast, and changed the duration of each frame to 0.2 seconds.  I then saved the GIF for web and devices and called it a night, because it was late.

Photoshop screen shot

Photoshop screen shot

I don’t remember there being as many steps the first time I tried this assignment, so I feel like I did things the hard/long way.  I really need to work with Photoshop on a daily basis, or else I forget EVERYTHING.

Guess I should assign myself my own daily create challenge.

2 thoughts on “Watch out for that horse, Jim: GIF challenge #2

  1. Glad you’re joining in on the challenge! I’ve only done 2 so far out of the 4, and am certain I can’t do all of them. But, like you, I was really missing making things, and sometimes it takes a challenge to get me to stay up late and make them.

    Your process sounds exactly like what I did, except I added a step and make something in front of Jim too, so I had another 9 frames on top of what you had. It’s a longish process, but not difficult…just repetitive.

    I, too, have been thinking about the headless horseman–so fitting for the upcoming course, and something I remember fondly from years ago. Thought part of me still remembers being freaked out all to heck by that song and video. I had an LP with that song and others too. I sometimes skipped this one.

    • There’s no way I’m going to be able to do all of the challenges either, but that’s ok. This headless time around, I’m going to try to be a little more thoughtful in my work rather than feeling like I need to produce something. We’ll see how that plan works out. Can’t wait to see what you and RockyLou bring during the audio portion of Headless DS106. You’re going to be following along, right?

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