Mapping and reflecting

A sad, sad truth:  I have done very little on my map projects.

I mean, I’ve done SOME stuff.  I started thinking about the audio tour that I want to do regarding work.

G+ audio tour convoI started some sketches during the week.  I was inspired by those “Family Circus” strips where Billy takes the longest route possible to end up where he wants to go.

Family Circus strip

Family Circus strip

What I did was not nearly as cool as Bil Keane’s work.  But I’m ok with that.  It’s just to organize my thoughts anyway.

My work mapped

My work mapped

I’ve also spent some minutes working on a “map” of my…  I’m not sure what to call it…  It’s not really a map, but more of a story about my relationships with map, traveling, hometowns, etc.

Popcorn maker progress

Popcorn maker progress

Oddly enough, I didn’t realize it was more of a  story and less of a map until I wrote that previous sentence.  All week I’ve been feeling these internal nags: “You’re using the wrong tool.”  “This isn’t a map.”  “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!”

I know enough to ignore the nags, but they squelch motivation all the same.

Another thing that smothers motivation is one’s 3 1/2 year old dropping his afternoon nap.  This means no more power naps for me and/or time to clean the house or work on projects.

This dude is up from 6:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

photo(3)It actually makes for a fun, creative day.  But there’s not a lot of time for documenting reflection or working on “work” stuff.

And again, I’m ok with that.  There are no deadlines.  No apologies.  Just making, and sometimes those makes have to marinate a little.





2 thoughts on “Mapping and reflecting

  1. Hi Melanie,
    Your 3 1/2 year old will soon be at school for days, so enjoy this time.
    Is a story kind of a map? A map is an image of the world in my opinion. And as your story is an image of the world, we could call it a map. And your map is a very graphical one too, would not that make it a map?
    I did call my blog a map of my history. And my blog is just a collection of texts with images. Was not I right in that?

  2. Love it — particularly the ending with your son and “I’m okay with that.” But I would beg to differ with one point: looks to me like you’ve been working on maps a lot and all along. 🙂

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