Was Matthew Weiner a Twilight Zone Fan?

I’m fairly confident that the origins of Don Draper started with Martin Sloan from the Twilight Zone’s “Walking Distance” (S1E5)

Martin Sloan from

Martin Sloan from “Walking Distance” (S1E5 of The Twilight Zone)

Martin Sloan is an ad man in New York City.  Don Draper is an ad man in New York City.  Martin Sloan is cracking under the stress and confused about his past (or nostalgic for it at least).  Don Draper is cracking under the stress and confused about his past.

And then there’s Martin Sloan’s allusion to putting it all to an end.

Yesterday I just got in the car and drove.  I had to get out of New York City.  One more board meeting, phone call, report, or problem, and I would’ve jumped right out the window.

Mad Men's falling man

Mad Men’s falling man from opening credits

The falling man from Mad Men’s opening credits is such an iconic image now.  It’s the first thing that popped into my head when Martin Sloan mentioned jumping out the window.  I’m sure that’s the case because of all of the ad man front loading Rod Serling does at the beginning of “Walking Distance.”

Whatever the case may be, I decided to over-analyze the connections I made.  I also decided to count the connection as an audio assignment.  Specifically assignment #1117 although it doesn’t even fit the description really.

But I’m an open participant, and I do what I want!

Here’s a description of the assignment, which was created by Bowties and Skulls.  “The assignment is to find an audio clip that references the Twilight Zone.”

My interpretation of Audio Assignment #1117:  Find an audio clip from the Twilight Zone that references a TV show that didn’t even exist when the Twilight Zone episode aired.”


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  1. This is great–I never even thought about this connection, even though I’m a Mad Men fan (and not just because the actress who plays Joan shares my name!). Love the idea for putting clips together to make something that references Mad Men.

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