What if Don Draper read feminist literature

Don Draper reads Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Don Draper reads Charlotte Perkins Gilman

This one was for fun.

In “Man with a Plan” (S6E7 of Mad Men), Don Draper leaves his mistress in a hotel rool, and refuses to tell her when he’ll return.  She’s puzzled, but willing to play along in Don’s weirdo fantasy.  And then he takes her book.

Come on, Don Draper.  What the–?

I’m pretty sure they didn’t have television sets in hotel rooms in 1968, so taking Sylvia’s book was a crappy move.

I got to thinking about what Don Draper would be like if he read some feminist literature.

I don’t have much commentary on the series (which is perhaps fodder for another blog post on the way I consume media), but it has been interesting to compare Sylvia to Betty, Megan, and the rest of Don’s women.  She seems to have less patience for his BS.









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