Making light of addictive personalities

I’m a real jerk for poking fun of alcoholism.  But here it is all the same.

Troll quote assignment

Troll quote assignment

The woman:  Lindsay Lohan.  The quote: lyrics from “Plastic Jesus,” an American folk song by (according to Wikipedia) Ed Rush and George Cromarty.  The attribution: Reese Witherspoon*.  The common thread: alcohol abuse.

“Plastic Jesus” is about one of those dashboard figurines.  There are many versus and many versions of this song.  It’s especially irreverent, much like this troll quote assignment.

Dashboard Jesus, a cc licensed Flickr photo by Christy Frink

cc licensed Flickr photo by Christy Frink

I didn’t take the hard road when creating this assignment.  I found an image of Lindsay Lohan in her heyday.  It also happened to have lots of white space for text.  I opened the image as a layer in GIMP and then created a text layer.  I added in the lyrics, played around with font and size, and there we go.

I’m using this–and probably other similar assignments–as a way to stretch my legs.  Kind of like a Daily Create, I guess.

I was thinking about using lyrics from Lydia Loveless’ “Jesus Was a Wino,” but this worked out ok in the end.

* This is a change.  I originally attributed the quote to Betty Ford, but that didn’t seem to fit well for one reason or another.  Lindsay Lohan and Reese Witherspoon are in more similar leagues.


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