Conform to the norm

Conform to the norm bumber sticker

Follow the Leader

A single purpose.  A single norm.  A single approach.  A single entity of people.  A single virtue.  A single morality.  A single frame of reference.  A single philosophy of government.

“The State” sounds like an awful place to live.  The above bumper sticker would probably land you in some work camp too.  I don’t think they have a sense of humor there.  The state’s doctors are also super creepy, and their creepiness has nothing to do with their faces.  Did you notice how touchy feely doctor was with his patients and nurses?

Doctor from 'Eye of the Beholder'

Touchy feely doctor

The ghettos for the disfigured can’t be too bad.  Mr. Smith looks healthy and handsome.  I’m sure Janet Tyler will be just fine.

Mr. Smith and Ms. Tyler

Mr. Smith and Ms. Tyler

I stayed up way too late watching “Eye of the Beholder” (S2E6).  I’m pretty sure it’s one of the definitive episodes.  I don’t remember seeing the episode before, but it’s made its way into my collection of pop culture references at some point or another.  I wasn’t shocked by the big reveal.  I did thoroughly enjoy how the episode was directed though.  I loved how the faces of the “normals” were hidden in the shadows, behind props, or behind each other.

But on to the bumper sticker.

I used GIMP.  And a little bit of Photoshop.  I found a picture of “the leader” and opened it in Photoshop.  I applied the film grain artistic filters to it.  I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to go with this project, so I just exported the image as a .jpg to work with later.  I created several layers in GIMP.  Probably more than I needed.

Gimp screenshot

Gimp screenshot

I created and placed a black box.  I opened up the .jpg that I altered in Photoshop and placed that.  Then I created a layer of text.  I changed the color of the text when necessary so that it would show up on the white and black parts of the bumper sticker.  The ‘m’ in ‘norm’ was hard to see over the image, so I ended up going into the text layer, selecting the area around the ‘m’ and then filling it in with white.

I think that’s all there was to it.



2 thoughts on “Conform to the norm

  1. I love the contrast of black and white, but maybe if the graphic could have been sized stretched to fill the right side box?

    A tag line might go “Be Like Everyone Else!”

    Great to see you tearing up ds106

  2. Yes! I can see that now–stretching the image to fill the right side of the box. Funny how that wasn’t obvious before. There are two things as which I really suck: talking and design. I’m trying to do things that give me more practice at both.

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