Collector’s Item: Talky Tina Trading Card

I got up early this morning to catch up on some DS106zone readings.  Inspired by some great projects like Andy Forgrave’s DS106zone trading card, I decided that the laundry could wait.  It’s time to attempt some art, dammit.

At 5:30 this morning, the project seemed very doable.  Most of the tutorial made sense.  It seemed easy.  It didn’t go as well as I thought it would, but that’s ok.  That’s how it goes sometimes.

Things that stumped me:

1.  My image of Talky Tina was small, so I spent time trying to figure out how to make her fit in the hole in the trading card.  I’m still not proficient in GIMP (or PhotoShop), so I’m still trying to wrap my head around the differences between layers and images and why things like ‘layer to image size,’ ‘layer to boundary size,’ ‘scale layer,’ etc. wouldn’t work for me.  After much failed experimentation, I discovered that the scale tool (tools > transform tools > scale) was all I needed.  Easy enough and intuitive once I knew it existed.  I really need to sit down with a GIMP or PhotoShop manual.  I think it would save me a lot of time in the end.

2.  I also had trouble editing the text from Andy’s template.  After some frustration and swearing, I discovered that I probably couldn’t edit the text, because it was a .psd file and I was in GIMP.  I am an idiot.  No matter.  I opened the template in PhotoShop and edited the necessary text.  I then saved the template, which was now a Talky Tina card and moved back into GIMP.  After all, I had spent all of that time trying to figure out how to scale Tina to fit in the card.  I didn’t want to grope my way around PhotoShop trying to solve the same problem.

3.  Oh, and I wasn’t sure how to make Tina sit comfy and snug behind the DS106zone logo.

trying to solve a GIMP problem

Gimp conundrum

I ended up just erasing part of the Tina layer, which is why it looks a little rough.  I feel like there’s a more professional way though.

Anyhoo….  Here’s my Talky Tina trading card.

Talky Tina trading card

I’ll trade you my Talky Tina for your Alien Woman

It’ll do.

3 thoughts on “Collector’s Item: Talky Tina Trading Card

  1. Hi Melanie!

    Sorry for the confusion with the file type — I tried opening the .psd in GIMP a few moments ago, and while the layers all come across separately, indeed the Text layers in Photoshop are somehow converted to image layers within GIMP. I couldn’t edit the text there, as you have discovered, and so I will re-visit the .psd files and create GIMP-friendly .xcf files as well.

    Wow! Talky Tina, no less! You are certainly brave to make a ds106zone Trading Card of her.

    If you still have your source images and want to play around in GIMP a bit more, try holding down the shift key as you perform the scale action on the layer that has the Talky Tina image — that should constrain her proportions as you adjust the size, and keep the horizontal and vertical in proper ratio. Talky Tina looks a little squished in this (like she just came out of the vise in the garage). I’m not sure what you meant about getting her nice and comfy behind the logo, but maybe you can sort that out by “turning off” the card frame layer and seeing what’s going on in the Talky Tina image itself. You could likely fix that by filling in the hole with the Clone/Rubber Stamp tool using a bit of black from her shoe and a bit of white from her sock.

    Looking forward to seeing more! I’m going to set up a ds106zone Twilight Zone Trading Card site for folks to submit to, and we’ll see what kind of a collection we can come up with.


    • Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely play around with scaling more as well as the clone/rubber stamp features.

  2. Thanks for the description of the process here–saves me a lot of time if I want to do one myself, which would be way cool. And especially now that Andy is setting up a collection of trading cards, I probably should do one. Maybe a project for this evening!

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