The rare stillness

Wednesday morning was a rare morning.  There were no panicked requests in the email inbox.  The before-school flurry of activity from Minecrafters was dampened by whatever virus is currently making its way through the middle school.  It was quiet in the library trailers.  Still.  There was just me and two seniors who sat at a table together, each with an earbud in one ear, laptops out.  Their work was interrupted periodically by questions or comments for each other and sometimes for me.

O: “Ms. Barker, have you heard of the ‘Harlem Shake?'”


Me: “Only through my Twitter stream.”

O proceeds to introduce me to the “Harlem Shake” meme through a series of videos.  She and T then explain that the Harlem Shake is on its way out.  They show me a series of “Harlem Shake” backlash videos.

T: “Ms. Barker, why did you become a librarian?”


Me:  “Well, I used to hang out in the library a lot during high school….”


T & O look at each other and start laughing.  “You are both doomed,” I say.

O then excitedly tells me about MIT and the legendary prank culture that exists at the school.  She read about it, she says.  I tell her about Aaron Swartz.

Our exchanges took maybe all of 10 or 15 minutes, but it was probably my favorite school moment in almost 10 years of school moments.


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