Hey there.  I’m Melanie Barker, and I’m a librarian.  More specifically, I’m a librarian in an independent high school.  I also teach a section of senior seminar on the DIY/Maker movement, and the impact of that movement on individuals and communities (both local and global).

I believe that libraries are not just about books and reading anymore.   I believe there is power in knowing how things work.  I believe the library should be a place for creation and the sharing of ideas.  The library is where the “slow hunch” forms and the “adjacent possible” happens.  The library was a coworking space before coworking spaces were cool.

This site/blog isn’t all just business, because I’m not all business.  I sometimes share things about my life and family.  I also share the fun stuff I do through DS106 (#4life).  Hopefully you won’t mind that.



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  1. Hi Melanie,

    I’m the new librarian at Saint Bridget School, Elizabeth Kerr. Melissa Freed, new librarian at Steward School, just added me to your RAISL Google Group, I hope that’s okay! I’m very excited to have a network of colleagues with whom to share ideas… coming from Henrico County Public Schools to Saint Bridget, I feel a bit like I’m now on an island all by myself!

    Also, with our recent purchase of Westhampton Baptist Church, we’ll be converting that into the middle school and creating a maker space area there. I’m excited to get your perspective!

    Nice to “meet” you, I look forward to doing so in person!
    Elizabeth Kerr

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